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Testing & Quality

Testing Facilities
In our pursuit to offer quality and maintain consistency, each and every batch of products is subjected to stringent quality control checks in our advanced QC lab. And to ensure zero defect products, we conduct the following tests:

Torque Testing System Automotive Machine Tool Torque Measurement System

  • Lash Measurement Test
  • Stub Shaft
  • Endurance Testing
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Side to side end play
  • Torque to rotate
  • Slip force Test
  • Pull Out Force
  • Torque Testing at 3000In-lbs
Measurement Facilities
Since, the major product line of Roop Automotives is drive transmission and steering parts, automotive machine tool, torque measurement system, automobile machine tool, torque testing system which may prove to be fatal even in the case of minutest of dimensional inaccuracy. So, in order to ensure zero defect, we have a comprehensive system of dimensional measurement and we conduct various measurement test in our advanced dimensional lab. Our measurement lab is equipped with cutting edge technology and have the following equipment:

Dimensional Lab
  • Co-ordinate Measuring machine (CMM) Accurate make
  • Roundness Tester ( Mitutoyo make )
  • Surface finish tester(Taylor Hobbson make)
  • Profile projector
  • Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Machine
  • Air Gauges
  • Linear Height
  • Height Gauges
  • Granite Surface Plate
  • Slip Gauge Box
  • Height master
Metallurgical Lab
Our quality control lab has a separate section for conducting metallurgical tests. Our metallurgical lab has the advanced versions of the following tools and instruments:
  • Hardness Tester BHN & Rockwell
  • Salt Spray Chamber
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Eddy Current Tester
  • Magnaflux
  • Carbon Sulpher Apparatus
  • Spring Tester

Management Policies

Environmental Policy
Roop Automotives Ltd. is committed to:
  • Implement environmental friendly practices in all our business processes.
  • Protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and other specific commitment(s) relevant to the identified external and internal issues.
  • The effective control of environmental pollution (air, water, noise and stack emission etc.) and prevention of land pollution.
  • Management of waste water and other industrial effluents effectively.
  • Effectively implementing the environmental policy to fulfil the compliance obligations.
  • Controlling the consumption of renewable resources (water, packing material & paper etc.) within limit & reducing th pti fnon-renewable resources (electricity, oil, petroleum products, natural gas etc.) & promoting the use of alternate source of energy.
  • Instilling awareness among employees for maintaining a pollution free environment and enhancing environmental consciousness among interested parties.
  • Continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
The Occupational Health a. Safety of all employees working for Roop Automotives Ltd. is of utmost importance & priority. RAL Management and Leadership is dedicated & committed to providing a safe & healthy environment for its Staff, Workers, Contractors, Visitors, Community & Interested Parties. It shall be documented, communicated & be available to all employees & interested parties associated with the Organization Internally & Externally.

To Support this, the Organization shall put in place:
  • The Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems that are continuously reviewed for effectiveness by Top Management and Leadership Team.
  • The resources including equipment & training to manage Health and Safety which will continually enhance Business Performance, minimize work related incidents & ill health, Optimize Productivity & Motivate Workforce.
  • The Processes t identify hazards and eliminate risks wherever possible & method for setting & reviewing OHS Objectives & Targets for continual improvement
  • By effective consultation and participation of Staff & workers on the development, Implementation, refinement & periodic review of OHS Policy, Objectives and Targets, Systems & programs for ensuring longer Incident Free period continuously.
  • The processes that investigate, report and implement sustained actions for all incidents, including near miss.
  • By Understanding, Implementing & complying with Customer Specific, Legal & other requirements
  • Continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

Quality Policy
The Management & Leadership of Roop Automotives Ltd. is committed to Focus on Our Core Values by continuously striving to Delight our Valued Customers with Exceptional Quality of our Products, Services and Communication which shall be at par with Global Standards.

In our Endeavour to achieve this objective, we shall:
  • Understand, Implement and Comply with Customer Requirements, Applicable legal & other requirements throughout the Supply Chain & Interested parties involvement for Customer satisfaction
  • Establish a Robust Framework to Develop, Implement & continually improve the Quality Management System & Realize Challenging Quality Objectives.
  • Adopting & Implementing Tools & Techniques for Defect Prevention & Outflow to Internal & External Customers & Ensuring Product Safety & Reliability.
  • Adopting a Process Approach & Risk Based Thinking for all Business Processes.

Quality Initiatives and Achievements
Quality products and unparalleled services are the some attributes that make us a prominent supplier in Indian and International markets. With our consistent efforts to achieve excellence, we have earned the faith and trust of global auto giants and have received awards and accolades on several occasions.

BSI Certificate of Registration

Two Star Certificate

Torque Measurement System

Auto Steering Parts
Auto Steering Parts
Auto Steering Parts

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